Software Development Kit - User Manual

Release Notes

Tinman 3D SDK
Version: 1.0 Date: 2017 / 10 / 06
Comment: Release Candidate 3


Before downloading and using the Tinman 3D SDK, please read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

You can download the current Tinman 3D SDK version using the links below (archived releases can be found in the public download repository):

Tinman 3D SDK

This is the SDK package. It contains everything you need to integrate Tinman 3D into your application.

URL: http://download.tinman3d.com/1.0/Tinman3D.SDK.zip
MD5: http://download.tinman3d.com/1.0/Tinman3D.SDK.md5
This is the protected C# Source Code package. An unlock key is required to access its content.
URL: http://download.tinman3d.com/1.0/Tinman3D.SDK.Source-Cs.zip.lic
MD5: http://download.tinman3d.com/1.0/Tinman3D.SDK.Source-Cs.md5
This is the protected C++ Source Code package. An unlock key is required to access its content.
URL: http://download.tinman3d.com/1.0/Tinman3D.SDK.Source-Cpp.zip.lic
MD5: http://download.tinman3d.com/1.0/Tinman3D.SDK.Source-Cpp.md5

Please refer to Getting Started for instructions on how to start using the Tinman 3D SDK after the download has completed.

The Demo Application streams geodata over the web and caches it locally. You can also bulk download that geodata for offline use from the Geodata Examples page.

No 3rd-party input geodata for the Geodata Examples is included in the SDK download; please refer to the linked 3rd party websites for information on how to obtain this data.

Fixed Issues & Changes

To browse the issues that have been fixed for this release, please refer to the online issue tracker:

https://tinman3d.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issues?q=Fixed in version: 1.0-RC3

Changes to the public APIs are documented in separate text files, which can be found in the SDK package: