Software Development Kit - User Manual


The Tinman 3D SDK contains several GUI widgets, which can be used as plug-and-play components for other applications.

Every widget implements the IWidget interface. Widgets are assembled into an IApplication object, which is then run by an application-defined host.

The following pre-defined application hosts are available:

If you get errors when loading one of the above controls into the GUI designer of your IDE, please build and run the corresponding demo first (e.g. Tinman.Demo.WinForms.CSharp). This usually fixes the problem.

The Workshop Application lets the user configure a Tinman.App object, uses the ConfigScript API to create an IApplication object from the config script source code and finally runs the resulting widget(s) in its WPF host.

3D Terrain Widget

The TerrainViewWidget renders an interactive 3D terrain, based on the given TerrainView component.

2D Canvas Widget

The CanvasWidget can be used to browse and inspect raster datasets and image pyramids.

3D Model Widget

The ModelWidget can be used to browse and inspect 3D models (see IModel).

Test Widget

The TestWidget performs some tests on the host that is running it.