Software Development Kit - User Manual

interface IBrush in Tinman.Terrain.Heightmaps.Painting

interface IBrush extends IHeightmapLayers
  base of Brush



Returns the brush height.

property Height { get }
type int32
value [>0] The brush height, in samples.


The mask of heightmap layers this object uses.

property LayerMask { get }
type HeightmapLayer
value Bitwise combination of HeightmapLayer values.
inherited IHeightmapLayers.LayerMask


These heightmap layers store actual terrain data:

Missing data is represented with the Coverage layer. It describes how much information is present in a stored heightmap sample. The semantics of coverage with heightmap samples is the same as premultiplied alpha with texture samples. A LayerMask without Coverage means that all samples are fully solid. If a LayerMask contains the Coverage layer but no others, the coverage values are used to represent 'holes' in the terrain (e.g. creating holes for caves, tunnels, etc.).


Returns the brush width.

property Width { get }
type int32
value [>0] The brush width, in samples.



Applies this heightmap brush to the given heightmap samples.

method Apply (CubemapFaceRect region, HeightmapRegion samples, HeightmapLayer layers, object userData)
params region The heightmap region of samples.
  samples The heightmap samples to update.
  layers The heightmap layers to process.
  userData Optional user data object that has been passed to UpdateRegion.


In order to apply an IBrush object to an IHeightmap, call the UpdateRegion method and pass this method as the HeightmapRegionDelegate.

See also:



Transforms the samples in this brush before applying them to the target heightmap.

method ApplyCoordinateTransform (Transform transform)
type IBrush
params transform The transform to apply to this brush before updating the heightmap.
returns [not-null] The resulting brush.


Multiplies the denormalized elevation values in this brush with the given factor before applying them to the target heightmap.

method ApplyElevationScale (float32 scale)
type IBrush
params scale The scale factor.
returns [not-null] The resulting brush.


The vertical range of the buffer samples (see Vertical) are used to denormalized elevation values.


Applies the given brush mask to this brush, replacing any other masks that have been applied earlier.

method Mask (IBrushMask mask, IHeightmap heightmap = null)
type IBrush
params mask The brush mask to apply or null to clear the mask.
  heightmap The heightmap from which to get the samples for computing the brush mask. Will be ignored if mask is null. If null, the original heightmap samples from the brush will be used. Defaults to null.
returns [not-null] The resulting brush.