sealed class Tinman.Terrain.Buffers.SlopeBuffer

Derived from

SampleBufferFloat32 abstract

An implementation of the ISampleBuffer interface that stores slope angles.

Each slope buffer sample is a single floating-point value, representing the terrain slope as an angle in degrees in the range [0..90].

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute ScanlineRangeDefault → (PixelRange)

The default value of ISampleBuffer.ScanlineRange.

Public / Constructors


public constructor SlopeBuffer → (2)

width in : int32

The buffer width, in samples.

height in : int32

The buffer height, in samples.

Creates a new instance of SlopeBuffer.

Public / Methods


public method ComputeSlope → (2)

buffer in : ElevationBuffer

The elevation buffer.

slope in : SlopeInfo

The slope info.

Computes the slope buffer samples from the given elevation buffer.