sealed class Tinman.Engine.GUI.Components.Panel

Derived from


A panel container with automatic scrolling and an optional text caption.

The following default Layout settings are defined for Panel objects:

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Class → (StyleClass)

The style class for Panel.

Public / Constructors


public constructor Panel → (2)

text opt : string = null

The initial caption text or null.

collapsible opt : bool = true

Is this panel collapsible?

Creates a new instance of Panel.

Public / Methods


public static method Find → (1)

component in : Component

The component to start or null.

returns → Panel

The found Panel object or null.

Finds the first Panel along the ancestor-to-self axis, starting at the given component.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Accordion → (get,set)

value : ComponentGroup<Panel>

The accordion group or null.

The accordion group this panel belongs to.

Only one panel in an accordion group can be expanded, all other will be collapsed.


public attribute Collapsed → (get,set)

value : bool

true if the panel is collapsed (i.e. its content is hidden), false if not.

Is this panel collapsed?

Defaults to false.


public attribute Collapsible → (get,set)

value : bool

true if the panel is collapsible (i.e. the Collapsed property is taken into account), false if the panel is not collapsible (i.e. the Collapsed property is ignored).

Is this panel collapsible?

Defaults to true.