struct Tinman.Engine.Application.InputSettings

Settings for processing of raw input events.

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Default → (InputSettings)

The default settings for processing of raw input events:

Public / Constructors


public constructor InputSettings → (4)

clickDistance in : int32

See ClickDistance.

clickTime in : int32

See ClickTime.

repeatDelay in : int32

See RepeatDelay.

repeatFrequency in : int32

See RepeatFrequency.

Creates a new instance of InputSettings.

Public / Attributes


public readonly attribute ClickDistance → (int32)

Maximum allowed distance between original mouse cursor position (where pressing down) and final mouse cursor position (where releasing) for which an event of type InputEventType.Clicked is generated for mouse buttons, in screen pixels.


public readonly attribute ClickTime → (int32)

Maximum allowed time span between pressing down and releasing a keyboard key or mouse button for which to generate an event of type InputEventType.Clicked, in milli-seconds.


public readonly attribute RepeatDelay → (int32)

Time span between pressing down a keyboard key and the first time that an event of type InputEventType.Repeated is generated for that key, in milli-seconds.


public readonly attribute RepeatFrequency → (int32)

Time span between subsequent events of type InputEventType.Released, in Hz.