struct Tinman.Terrain.Georef.LatLonHeight

Geographic coordinates with a height value.

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Undefined → (LatLonHeight)

Undefined location.

Public / Constructors


public static method From → (1)

geographic in : Vec3D

The geographic coordinates:
Vec3D.X: longitude, in radians
Vec3D.Y: latitude, in radians
Vec3D.Z: ellipsoid height, in cartesian units.

returns → LatLonHeight

The LatLonHeight value.

Creates a new instance of LatLonHeight from the given geographic 3D coordinates.


public constructor LatLonHeight → (3)

coords in : LatLon

The geographic coordinates.

height opt : float64 = 0

The height value.

vertical opt : VerticalType = VerticalType.HeightMesh

The vertical coordinate type.

Creates a new instance of LatLonHeight.

Public / Methods


public method Add → (1)

height in : float64

The height delta to add.

returns → LatLonHeight

The resulting coordinate tuple.

Adds the given height delta to this coordinate tuple.


public method Set → (1)

height in : float64

The height to set.

returns → LatLonHeight

The resulting coordinate tuple.

Sets the height of this coordinate tuple.


2 overloads

public method ToString2 → (1)

format in : LatLonFormat

The format to use.

returns → string

The string representation.

Returns the string representation of this value.


public method ToVariance → (1)

variance in : bool

true to replace VerticalType.Height with VerticalType.HeightMesh
false to replace VerticalType.HeightMesh with VerticalType.Height

returns → LatLonHeight

The resulting LatLonHeight value.

Swaps VerticalType.Height and VerticalType.HeightMesh, according to the given variance in setting.

If Vertical is neither VerticalType.Height nor VerticalType.HeightMesh, this method returns this LatLonHeight value.


public method ToVertical → (2)

geocentric in : Geocentric

The geocentric object to use.

vertical in : VerticalType

The output vertical coordinate type.

returns → LatLonHeight

The resulting value.

Transforms the vertical coordinate to the given type.

Public / Attributes


public readonly attribute Coords → (LatLon)

The geographic coordinates.


public readonly attribute Height → (float64)

The height value, given in the length unit of geocentric coordinates (see Geocentric.Unit).


public attribute IsGround → (get)

value : bool

true if the location is stuck on the terrain surface, false if not.

Does this LatLonHeight represent a location that is stuck on the terrain surface?


public attribute IsUndefined → (get)

value : bool

true if the coordinates are undefined, false if not.

Is this coordinate set undefined?


public readonly attribute Vertical → (VerticalType)

The vertical coordinate type.



public static readonly attribute Serializer → (ITypeSerializer<LatLonHeight>)

The serialization helper object for values of LatLonHeight.