abstract class Tinman.Gpu.Semantic.TessellateShaderAttribute

Derived from

Attribute abstract

Extended by

TessellatePatchShader sealed
TessellateVertexShader sealed

A tessellation shader part.

Public / Attributes


public readonly attribute Primitive → (int32)

The primitive type of the abstract tessellation patch:
GpuCode.CW : triangles in clockwise orientation
GpuCode.CCW : triangles in counter-clockwise orientation
GpuCode.LINE : lines
GpuCode.POINT : points


public readonly attribute Scheme → (int32)

The subdivision scheme:
GpuCode.EQUAL : spacing between generated vertices is equal
GpuCode.EVEN : number of generated segments is even
GpuCode.ODD : number of generated segments is odd


public readonly attribute Topology → (int32)

The topology of the abstract tessellation patch:
GpuCode.TRIANGLE : a triangle
GpuCode.QUAD : a quadrilateral
GpuCode.LINE : a rectangle of parallel isolines

Protected / Constructors


protected constructor TessellateShaderAttribute → (3)

topology in : int32

See Topology.

primitive in : int32

See Primitive.

scheme in : int32

See Scheme.

Creates a new instance of TessellateShader.