interface Tinman.Engine.Models.IModelDecorator

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ModelDecorator abstract

Base interface for classes that produce decorations for 3D models.

Public / Methods


public method Append → (1)

other in : IModelDecorator

The other model decorator to apply.

returns → IModelDecorator

The resulting model decorator, which may be this.

Returns a combined decorator that applies this decorator first, followed by the given other in one.


public method DecorationFor → (3)

model in : IModel

The model to decorate.

pose in : ModelPose

The model pose to use or null for none.

decoration in : Model

The IModel that has been returned by this IModelDecorator on the previous call. Must be null if this is the first call or if model in and/or pose in have been modified in a way that affects this model decorator.

returns → Model

The model decoration.

Builds or updates the IModel objects that represents the decoration of the given model in.