sealed class Tinman.Core.TinmanError

Derived from


Describes an error.

Public / Constructors


public static method From → (2)

source in : string

The error source tag.

exception in : Exception

The native exception.

returns → TinmanError

The resulting error info.

Extracts an TinmanError object from the given native exception.


public constructor TinmanError → (2)

errorSource in : string

The error source (see ErrorSource).

errorMessage in : string

The error message.

Creates a new instance of TinmanError.


public static method Wrap → (3)

source in : string

Aggregated error source tag.

message in : string

Aggregated error message.

errors in : IVectorConst<TinmanError>

Aggregated error infos.

returns → TinmanError

The resulting error info.

Aggregates the given TinmanErrors into one error.

Public / Methods


2 overloads

public method ToString2 → (1)

columns in : int32

The column count to use for wrapping lines.

returns → string

The string representation.

Returns a string representation of this error.

Public / Attributes


public readonly attribute ErrorCause → (IVectorConst<TinmanError>)

The errors that have caused this error.


public readonly attribute ErrorMessage → (string)

The error message (for human consumption).

This value will never be null or empty.


public readonly attribute ErrorSource → (string)

The error source.

The source depicts the type and member where the error has occurred resp. has been detected. The error source string has the following format:


where TypeName is the name of the type, excluding the namespace (e.g. 'ByteBuffer' for ByteBuffer) and MemberName is the name of the type member that has triggered resp. reported the error.

This value will never be null or empty.


public readonly attribute ErrorTrace → (string)

The error stack trace (if available), in a native format.