abstract class Tinman.Terrain.Georef.GeoObject

Derived from

SerializableBase abstract

Extended by

CoordinateOperation sealed
CoordinateOperationMethod abstract
CoordinateSystem sealed
DatumOperation sealed
Ellipsoid sealed
GeodeticDatum sealed
PrimeMeridian sealed
Raster sealed
UnitOfMeasure sealed
VerticalDatum sealed

Abstract base class for IGeoObject implementations.

Public / Constants


public constant FirstType → (GeoObjectType.UnitOfMeasure:GeoObjectType)

First geo object type.


public constant LastType → (GeoObjectType.Raster:GeoObjectType)

Last geo object type.


public constant UserDefined → ("user-defined":string)

Common constant that can be used when custom user-defined geo objects are created.

Public / Methods


2 overloads

public static method TypeTag1 → (1)

tag in : string

The short tag.

returns → GeoObjectType

The geo object type.

Returns the geo object type for the given short tag.

public static method TypeTag2 → (1)

type in : GeoObjectType

The geo object type.

returns → string

The short tag.

Returns the short tag for the given geo object type.

Protected / Constructors


2 overloads

protected constructor GeoObject1 → (2)

serialType in : ISerialTypeInfo

The serial type ID.

type in : GeoObjectType

The geo object type.

Creates a new instance of GeoObject.

protected constructor GeoObject2 → (3)

serialType in : ISerialTypeInfo

The serial type.

type in : GeoObjectType

The geo object type.

name in : string

Human-readable name of the geo object. If empty or null, UserDefined will be used instead.

Creates a new instance of GeoObject.

Protected / Methods


protected virtual method ComputeHashCode → (1)

hashCode in : int32

The input hash code.

returns → int32

The output hash code.

Computes the hash code for this geo object.

Subclasses must override this method and call this base method as the first statement.


protected method DoesEqualName → ()

May be called by subclasses at initialization time, in order to include the geo object name when comparing for equality.