sealed class Tinman.Engine.GUI.Components.Slider

Derived from

Component abstract

A slider component.

The following default layout settings are defined for new Slider objects:

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Class → (StyleClass)

The style class for Slider.

Public / Constructors


public constructor Slider → (5)

minimumValue opt : int32 = 0

Initial value for MinimumValue.

maximumValue opt : int32 = 100

Initial value for MaximumValue.

value opt : int32 = 0

Initial value for Value.

unit opt : string = null

Initial value for Unit.

padValue opt : int32 = Maths.MinInt

Initial value for PadValue.

Creates a new instance of Slider.

Public / Attributes


public attribute InitialValue → (get,set)

value : int32

The initial slider value.

The initial slider value.


public attribute MaximumValue → (get,set)

value : int32

The maximum slider value.

The maximum slider value (at right resp. bottom edge).

The default value is 100.


public attribute MinimumValue → (get,set)

value : int32

The minimum slider value.

The minimum slider value (at left resp. top edge).

The default value is 0.


public attribute PadValue → (get,set)

value : int32

The pad value or Maths.MinInt if padding is disabled.

Optional slider value to use for computing the screen width of the slider display.

The default value is Maths.MinInt.


public attribute RelativeValue → (get,set)

value : float32

A value of 0 represents the minimum slider value and a value of 1 represents the maximum slider value.

The current relative slider value.


public attribute ShowValue → (get,set)

value : bool

true to show the slider value with a separate label,
false to hide the slider value.

Shows or hides the slider value.


public attribute Unit → (get,set)

value : string

The slider unit text or null if the slider value does not have a unit.

A string that depicts the unit of the slider value.


public attribute Value → (get,set)

value : int32

The current slider value.

The current slider value.

The default value is 0.


public attribute ValueStep → (get,set)

value : int32

The step value.

The step value when modifying the slider value via keyboard.

The default value is 10.


public attribute ValueWrap → (get,set)

value : bool

true if Value shall wrap around at MaximumValue and MinimumValue, false if not.

Wrap value at minimum and maximum?

Defaults to false.