sealed class Tinman.Engine.Scenes.Entities.GeoPathTrack

A scene entity that generates a 3D model for a geo path.

The geo path model is built as follows (side view):

       __,----.__                     _
    __/          \                   / `o <-- geo path track
o--ยด              \        _,-----._/   |
|                  `---.__/             |
|    ^                                  |
o----|----------------------------------- <-- ground
geo path curtain

The geo path track is a line strip that follows the original geo path samples. The geo path curtain is a triangle strip that visualizes vertical planes from the geo path track down to the ground. The visual appearance of the geo path model can be controlled with the following properties:

Public / Constructors


public constructor GeoPathTrack → (1)

entityViewMask opt : int64 = ~0

The value for IEntityViewMask.EntityViewMask.

Creates a new instance of GeoPathTrack.

Public / Methods


public method UpdateModel → ()

Triggers an update to the 3D model of the geo path track.

Usually, the 3D model of the geo path track is updated automatically, for example by modifying the properties of this object. This method may be used to trigger an update, if a change has been made outside of the scope of this class, for example after adding a new geo path sample.

Public / Attributes


public attribute IsReady → (get)

value : bool

true if the geo path tessellation is ready,
false if the tessellation is still being built.

Has the tessellation been computed for the current settings?


public attribute MaximumError → (get,set)

value : float64

The accuracy, see GeoPathTessellator.MaximumError.

The accuracy for building the geo path tessellation.

Defaults to 0.


public attribute MaximumSegments → (get,set)

value : int32

The maximum number of segments, see GeoPathTessellator.MaximumSegments.

The maximum allowed number of path segments.

Defaults to 65536.


public attribute Path → (get,set)

value : IGeoPathBase

The geo path or null for none.

The geo path for which to generate a 3D model.

The IGeoPathBase.LatLonHeightOn method is used to get path samples. From those, the geo path track will be constructed.

Defaults to null.


public attribute UpdateModelDelay → (get,set)

value : int32

If zero, VerticalType.Height will be used and the resulting 3D model will be invariant to changes in the terrain tessellation. Otherwise, VerticalType.HeightMesh will be used to compute the 3D model repeatedly. Computation is triggered by changes to the terrain tessellation (see IVersioned.Version of TerrainMesh.Mesh), and by calls to UpdateModel. The minimum delay (in milli-seconds) between computations is defined by this property.

Chooses the mode of computing the 3D model of the geo path track, if the geo path uses GeoPathValue.Height.

If the geo path does not use GeoPathValue.Height, this property is ignored and has no effect.

Defaults to 0.


public attribute UpdateModelDiscard → (get,set)

value : bool

true to discard the current 3D model before starting the background computation of the new one,
false to keep the current 3D model until background computation has finished.

Discard the current 3D model of the geo path track while computing a new one?

Defaults to false.



public static readonly attribute Logger → (ILogger)

The logger object of this class.