interface Tinman.Terrain.Heightmaps.IHeightmapProxy

Derived from


A heightmap proxy delegates all heightmap accesses to an aggregated heightmap, which can be switched during life-time.

The following properties of a heightmap proxy are fixed and must be specified at creation-time (see HeightmapBuilder.Proxy):

The actual heightmap content may be switched by providing an aggregated IHeightmap object, which might cause changes to these properties:

Updates cannot be performed through a proxy heightmap, i.e. IMapEntity.CanUpdate returns false.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Content → (get,set)

value : IHeightmap

The heightmap content or null.

Specifies the content that shall be used for this heightmap proxy.

When null, all heightmap samples will have default values (see HeightmapSample.Default). Otherwise, the heightmap samples of the given IHeightmap object are returned. When switching the content heightmap, update notifications are generated (IHeightmap.OnUpdated), as required.

The IHeightmapOps.Scale, IHeightmapOps.Split and IHeightmapOps.TransformRange methods will be called on the given IHeightmap object, in order to perform conversions, if necessary.

Defaults to null.