sealed class Tinman.Engine.GUI.Components.LabelView

Derived from

TextComponent abstract

Displays a label.

The following default Layout settings are defined for LabelView objects:

A label can have an optional target component, which is focused when the label is clicked with the mouse. If not ComponentState.Normal, the state of the target component will override the state of the label.

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Class → (StyleClass)

The style class for LabelView.

Public / Constructors


public constructor LabelView → (2)

text opt : string = null

The initial label text or null.

component opt : Component = null

Optional target component.

Creates a new instance of LabelView.

If a label view has a target component, the following behaviour will be in place:

  • The target component will be focused when the label view is left-clicked.

  • If the target component state is not ComponentState.Normal, that state will override the state of the label view.