interface Tinman.Core.Logging.ILogMessage

Represents a log message template.

Public / Methods


public method Out → (1)

message in : string

The message to put into the log message labels placeholder.

Outputs the given text as a new log message.

This method assumes that the log message label has only a single placeholder, and uses the given message in as its value.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Format → (get)

value : LabelFormat

The label format for the new message.

Begins to format a new log message.

The log message will be output when LabelFormat.End is called.


public attribute IsEnabled → (get)

value : bool

true if this message is enabled, false if not.

Checks if this log message is currently enabled.


public attribute Name → (get)

value : string

The message template name.

Human-readable name that describes this message template.