sealed class Tinman.Engine.GUI.Components.DocumentView

Derived from

Component abstract

Renders a styled text document.

The following default Layout settings are defined for DocumentView objects:

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Class → (StyleClass)

The style class for DocumentView.

Public / Constructors


public constructor DocumentView → ()

Creates a new instance of DocumentView.

Public / Methods


public method ScrollToAnchor → (1)

anchorName in : string

The anchor name (see AnchorNode.Name).

returns → bool

true if the anchor is visible in the document view,
false if the anchor has not been found.

Scrolls to the given document anchor, if necessary.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Callback → (get,set)

value : IDocumentViewCallback

The callback object or null.

The callback to use.

When the callback is null, nothing will happen when links are clicked and images will be displayed using a placeholder, instead of the actual image content.


public attribute Document → (get,set)

value : IDocumentNode

The text content.

The text content.