class Tinman.Engine.API.DirectXShaderInfo

Extended by

DirectX11ShaderInfo sealed
DirectX12ShaderInfo sealed

Represents the shader metadata that the HLSL compiler writes into the Assembler Output / *.asm files.

Public / Methods


public static method ExtractComment → (2)

assemblerOutput in : string

The HLSL assembly output.

prefix in : string

The extracted text, always ending with an empty line of text.

returns → string

The extracted comment block text.

Extracts the leading comment block from the given HLSL assembly output.

All leading text lines that start with the given prefix in are extracted from assemblerOutput in. Then, the prefix is removed from each text line; consecutive runs of empty text lines are collapsed into a single line of text.


public method GetResourceBinding → (1)

name in : string

The resource name.

returns → DirectXResourceBindingInfo

The resource binding info object or null if not found.

Returns the resource binding info for the given name.


public static method WrapComment → (1)

content in : string

The content to wrap.

returns → string

The wrapped content.

Wraps the given content int single-line comments.

Public / Attributes


public attribute ConstantBuffers → (get)

value : IVectorConst<DirectXConstantBufferInfo>

List of constant buffer info objects.

The constant buffer infos.


public attribute ResourceBindings → (get)

value : IVectorConst<DirectXResourceBindingInfo>

List of resource binding info objects.

The resource binding infos.


public attribute Structures → (get)

value : IVectorConst<DirectXStructureInfo>

List of structure info objects.

The structure infos.

Protected / Constructors


protected constructor DirectXShaderInfo → ()

Creates a new instance of DirectXShaderInfo.

Protected / Attributes


protected readonly attribute constantBuffers → (IVector<DirectXConstantBufferInfo>)

The constant buffer infos.


protected readonly attribute resourceBindings → (IVector<DirectXResourceBindingInfo>)

The resource binding infos.


protected readonly attribute structures → (IVector<DirectXStructureInfo>)

The structure buffer infos.