Camera Path

GUI component

The Camera API can be used to manage the camera of a 3D scene view. Interactive controls may be attached with the ICameraControl API.

The Camera Path GUI component can be used to capture an animated camera path and to replay it later.


Play / Loop / Stop

The Play button starts playback of the current camera path.

When the Loop button is pressed, playback will restart automatically.

The Stop button will stop playback of the current camera path.


The Record button will start to record a new camera path. The current path will be discarded. While recording, an overlay message is rendered at the top edge of the screen.

Time / Duration

The Time field shows the current time index for playback in hours, minutes, seconds and 1/100 seconds.

The Duration field shows the total duration of the current camera path in seconds.

The top slider can be used to adjust the time index. The bottom slider can be used to control playback speed by setting a speed factor between x0.01 and 2x.

Load / Save

The Load button will read the previously saved camera path from the filesystem.

The Save button will write the current camera path to the filesystem.