static class Tinman.Core.Logging.LoggingUtil

Static helper class for accessing the Logging API.

Public / Methods


public static method BasicConfiguration → (2)

verbosity opt : LogVerbosity = LogVerbosity.Common

The root verbosity level.

console opt : LogVerbosity = LogVerbosity.Warning

Maximum log verbosity to output on console message handler.

Performs basic configuration on the Root logger category.


public static method GetCategory → (1)

fullName in : string

The full name.

returns → ILoggerCategory

The logger category.

Returns the ILoggerCategory for the given full name.


public static method GetLogger → (1)

fullName in : string

The full name.

returns → ILogger

The ILogger instance.

Returns a ILogger instance for the given full name.

The given name should be the fully qualified name of the class that declares the logger variable.

Public / Attributes


public static attribute Root → (get)

value : ILoggerCategory

The root category.

The root of the category hierarchy.