struct Tinman.Engine.GUI.Styles.StyleClass

A style class that is used to associate visual styles with GUI components.

There are three levels of style classes:

  1. The root style class * (see Root).

  2. The plain style class NAME.* (see Name).

  3. The variant style class NAME.VARIANT (see Variant).

Using SuperClass, the style class of the next higher level can be obtained.

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Root → (StyleClass)

The root style class.

Public / Constructors


2 overloads

public constructor StyleClass1 → (1)

name in : string

The style class name.

Creates a new instance of StyleClass.

public constructor StyleClass2 → (2)

name in : string

The style class name.

variant in : string

The style class variant name.

Creates a new instance of StyleClass.

Public / Methods


public method SuperClass → (1)

superClass out : StyleClass

Output for the super style class.

returns → bool

true if this style class has a super style class,
false if this style class does not have a super style class.

Returns the super style class of this one.

Visual styles are inherited from the super style class and may be overridden.

Public / Attributes


public readonly attribute Name → (string)

The style class name.


public readonly attribute Variant → (string)

The style class variant or null if none.