abstract class Tinman.Core.Threading.Pooling.Task

Derived from

TaskBase abstract
ITask<TInput, TOutput>

Abstract base class for ITask implementations.

Public / Constructors


public static method Wrap → (6)

method in : TaskDelegate<TInput, TOutput>

The task delegate method.

name opt : string = "unnamed-task"

The task name. This is usually the name of the method pointed to by method in, without the Task prefix.

flags opt : TaskFlags = TaskFlags.None

The task flags.

group opt : TaskGroup = null

The default task group.

onCancel opt : TaskCancelDelegate<TInput> = null

The default on cancel delegate.

onException opt : TaskExceptionDelegate<TInput> = null

The default on exception delegate.

returns → ITask<TInput, TOutput>

The task object.

Wraps the given task delegate method in a ITask object.

Protected / Constructors


protected constructor Task → (2)

name in : string

The task name.

flags in : TaskFlags

The task flags.

Creates a new instance of Task.