interface Tinman.Terrain.Rendering.IMeshDispatcher

Base interface for classes that provide methods for dispatching general-purpose mesh rendering work.

Public / Methods


public method Dispatch → (3)

opt : int32 = 1

Thread count along X-axis.

opt : int32 = 1

Thread count along Y-axis.

opt : int32 = 1

Thread count along Z-axis.

Dispatches mesh rendering work.


public method DispatchIndirect → (1)

first in : int32

Index of first element in Buffer to dispatch.

Dispatches mesh rendering work indirectly from the current buffer (see Buffer).

Public / Attributes


public attribute Buffer → (get,set)

value : IGpuBuffer

The buffer or null if CanDispatchIndirect returns false.

The dispatch buffer to use for dispatching mesh rendering work indirectly.

The element size and layout of the buffer is defined by the underlying graphics API and is usually populated by GPU programs. Please refer to the documentation of the respective subclass for details.


public attribute CanDispatchIndirect → (get)

value : bool

true if DispatchIndirect may be used,
false if not.

Can mesh rendering work be dispatched indirectly from the current buffer (see Buffer)?