interface Tinman.Core.Threading.Operations.IProgressMonitor

Extended by

ProgressMonitor sealed

A IProgressMonitor object tracks the progress of a running operation.

Public / Methods


public method Error → (1)

errorInfo in : TinmanError

The error info object.

Signals that a critical error has occurred and the operation has stopped.


public method TicksFinished → (1)

ticks in : int64

The number of finished tick units.

The running operation has finished ticks in tick units.

Finished ticks should be reported only from within Run method.


public method TicksPending → (1)

ticks in : int64

The number of upcoming tick units.

The running operation will last for another ticks in tick units.

Upcoming ticks should be reported as soon as possible in order to provide a believable progress indication.

Public / Attributes


public attribute HasError → (get)

value : bool

true if a critical error has been reported, false if not.

Has a critical error been reported via Error?



public static method Normalize → (1)

ticks in : int32

The total number of ticks to report to this progress monitor.

returns → IProgressMonitor

The normalizing progress monitor.

Returns a progress monitor that will report its progress as a normalized value to this progress monitor.