sealed class Tinman.AddOns.DirectX9.DirectX9TextureFactory

Derived from

TextureFactory abstract

Full source code is included in the Tinman 3D SDK download.

Implementation of the ITextureFactory interface that uses a Direct3D 9 IDirect3DDevice9 COM object.

For custom texture formats, the TextureFormat.FormatIdentifier method must return the D3DFMT_* in Vec4I.X, the other components are not used.

Public / Constructors


public constructor DirectX9TextureFactory → (3)

device in : IntPtr

The IDirect3DDevice9* COM pointer.

availableVideoMemory opt : int64 = 0

See ITextureFactory.AvailableVideoMemory. If 0, the value will be determined from device in.

maximumSize opt : int64 = 0

See ITextureFactory.MaximumSize.

Creates a new instance of DirectX9TextureFactory.


If a graphics subsystem error has occurred.