interface Tinman.Terrain.Meshing.IBatch<T in val>

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Defines basic properties for a terrain sector batch.

Terrain batches are value types. The default value of a terrain batch must be treated as an empty batch, i.e. it must be skipped during rendering.

Public / Attributes


public attribute CubemapFace → (get)

value : CubemapFace

The cubemap face.

The cubemap face of Sector.


public attribute IsEmpty → (get)

value : bool

true if this batch is empty, false if not.

Is this batch empty?


public attribute QuadrantMask → (get)

value : int32

The quadrant mask or 0 if this batch does not cover the mesh sector at all.

Bitmask of mesh sector quadrants. Bits 0 to 3 represent the mesh quadrants.

A value of 0xF means that all four mesh sector quadrants shall be rendered (i.e. the entire Sector).


public attribute Sector → (get)

value : int32

The mesh sector or -1 if this batch does not correlate with a mesh sector.

The mesh sector.

By convention, an explicit sector mark (see MeshTree.SectorMark) is put onto a sector when a batch is generated for it.