interface Tinman.Engine.Scenes.ISceneEntity

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Extended by

SceneEntityBase abstract

Represents a scene entity.

The various callback methods are invoked in the following order:

(a) - if enabled, see ISceneObject.Enabled

Public / Methods


public method CreateView → (1)

sceneView in : ISceneView

The scene view.

returns → ISceneEntityView

The scene entity view or null for none.

Creates a new view for this scene entity.

This method will only be called if the entity view masks of this scene entity and the given sceneView in match.

The ISceneEntityView.Owner property of the returned ISceneEntityView object should return this scene entity. Then, the created scene entity view may be queried via ISceneView.ViewOf and will be removed automatically when the owning scene entity is removed from the scene. Otherwise, the implementing class is responsible for removal and may need to deal with situations where this scene entity has been removed from the scene resp. disposed, while the scene entity view is still alive.

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public method SceneAttach → (1)

scene in : IScene

The scene.

This entity has been attached to the given scene.


If a graphics subsystem error has occurred.


public method SceneDetach → ()

This entity has been detached from its scene.