sealed class Tinman.Core.Cx.Declarations.CxDeclarationType

A declaration of a class, interface or struct type:

class MyType<T> : BaseType where T : Type
  #region Region



interface MyType...

struct MyType...
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Public / Constructors


public constructor CxDeclarationType → (8)

modifiers in : CxModifiers

See ICxModifiersContainer.Modifiers.

semantic in : int32

See Semantic.

name in : CxId

See ICxNameContainer.Name.

documentation opt : CxXmlDoc = null

See ICxDocumentationContainer.XmlDoc.

attributes opt : IBagConst<CxAttribute> = null

The attribute list of the member or null for an empty list. See ICxAttributesContainer.Attributes.

typeParameters opt : IBagConst<CxTypeParameter> = null

The generic type parameter list of the type or null for an empty list. See ICxTypeParametersContainer.TypeParameters.

baseTypes opt : IBagConst<CxTypeName> = null

The base type list of the type or null for an empty list. See ICxBaseTypesContainer.BaseTypes.

regions opt : IBagConst<CxRegion> = null

The region list of the type or null for an empty list. See Regions.

Creates a new instance of CxDeclarationType.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Regions → (get)

value : IVectorConst<CxRegion>

The region list.

Returns the regions of this type declaration.


public attribute Semantic → (get)

value : int32

< 0 : this is a struct declaration,
= 0 : this is a class declaration,
> 0 : this is an interface declaration

Returns the semantic of this type declaration.