Demo Application

How to download and run

Go to the Public Downloads and get these packages:



Follow the instructions of the readme.txt file.

You can start the demo application by running any of its self-contained executables in the binaries folder of the Tinman 3D SDK package:

Figure 1. Demo Application

To browse the source code, please open the demo application project:

ide.cpp/vs/Tinman3D.SDK.Cpp.sln   (Visual Studio)
ide.cs/vs/Tinman3D.SDK.CSharp.sln (Visual Studio)

Technically, each tutorial is a GUI Widget, derived from the Tutorial class, which provides some additional convenience methods.


The demo application streams all its geodata over the internet, and caches the downloaded data locally in the SDK folder:


Please be patient when you run the demo for the first time, since all caches need to be warmed up from the internet. Later the demo will start quickly.

The dataset and texture caches are realized by these classes:


The demo opens a separate console window and logs messages to it.

console window
Figure 2. Demo Application - Console Window
Please keep an eye on these log messages, as the demo sparingly uses "Please Wait" screens. If the demo seems to be "hanging", the logs should explain what is currently going on.
When clicking into the console window, some operating systems (e.g. Windows) start a copy & paste operation, which might suspend the process.
If you close the console window, this will forcibly terminate the demo application, which might cause corruption to dataset and texture cache files.

Tutorial Browser

If you run the demo application for the first time, you will see the TutorialBrowser widget, wrapped in a custom GUI dialog (see Example_WidgetDialog).

tutorial browser
Figure 3. Demo Application - Tutorial Browser

Please follow the instructions to start any of the tutorials.

Help Browser

Each tutorial has a built-in help browser, which can be activated by pressing F1.

The content of the help browser is included in this documentation. Please navigate to the child pages to open it.
help browser
Figure 4. Demo Application - Help Browser