interface Tinman.Engine.Application.IRenderable

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SceneView sealed
ScreenQuad sealed
Sky sealed
TerrainView sealed

Base interface for classes that perform rendering using some graphics context.

Public / Methods


public method Render → ()

Performs rendering of the next frame.

Implementing methods must not assume that any specific render state is in place when being called. Instead, the implementing method is responsible for setting up all state that is required for rendering.

Usually, implementing classes receive their current graphics context directly or indirectly from IApplication.GraphicsContextAttach or IGraphicsComponent.GraphicsAttach.

In order to maximize parallelism between the CPU and GPU, only actual rendering (using the current graphics context) should be performed here. All other preparation resp. setup should be done in IRenderPreparable.RenderPrepare instead.

It is not guaranteed that the GPU will have processed all render commands of the last frame when this method is called, in order to render the next one.