class Tinman.AddOns.Scenes.Vehicle

Full source code is included in the Tinman 3D SDK download.

A scene entity that represents a vehicle.

This class is intended to be an example for implementing a composite scene entity that represents a moving vehicle, for example an aircraft or a ground vehicles. It provides the following features and may be used as a starting point for implementing own entities:

Public / Constructors


public constructor Vehicle → (1)

entityViewMask opt : int64 = ~0

The value for IEntityViewMask.EntityViewMask.

Creates a new instance of Vehicle.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Model → (get,set)

value : IModel

The 3D-model.

The 3D model of the vehicle.

Defaults to null.


public attribute ModelCenter → (get,set)

value : Vec3D

The geo path center point.

The coordinates in the local-space of the vehicle that corresponds to the location that correlates with the samples of its geo path, i.e. the origin of the yaw, pitch and roll rotations.

Defaults to Vec3D.Zero.

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public attribute ModelColor → (get,set)

value : int64

The vehicle model color (see Colors). Set to 0 to use the default materials of the vehicle model.

The color of the vehicle model.

Using an opaque color will make the whole model opaque, too. Using a transparent color will make the model transparent. Defaults to 0.

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public attribute ModelModifier → (get)

value : ModelPose

The model pose.

The 3D model pose of the vehicle.

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public attribute ModelSize → (get,set)

value : float64

The minimum screen-size of the vehicle, in pixels. Set to 0 to disable view-dependent scaling.

Minimum size of the vehicle on the screen.

Defaults to 0.

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public attribute Path → (get,set)

value : IGeoPathBase

The geo path.

The geo path of the vehicle.

Setting the geo path of a vehicle to a non-null value will also set the vehicle mode:

Defaults to null.


public attribute PathTrackColor → (get,set)

value : int64

The vehicle path color (see Colors).

The color of the vehicle path.

Defaults to Colors.White.


public attribute PathTrackCurtain → (get,set)

value : bool

true to show the flight path curtain in 3D, false to hide it.

Show the flight path curtain?


public attribute PathTrackVisible → (get,set)

value : bool

true to show the flight path track in 3D, false to hide it.

Show the flight path track?


public attribute PathTrailCenter → (get,set)

value : Vec3D

The center coordinates.

The geo path trail center coordinates, relative to the geo path track.

The trail center can be used to fine-tune the position of the trail model, for example to align it with the wings of an aircraft.

Defaults to Vec3D.Zero.


public attribute PathTrailColor → (get,set)

value : int64

The vehicle trail color (see Colors).

The color of the vehicle trail.

Defaults to Colors.White.


public attribute PathTrailLength → (get,set)

value : int32

The trail length, in milli-seconds. Set to -1 to show the full flight path.

Length of the trail behind the vehicle.

Defaults to 0.


public attribute PathTrailVisible → (get,set)

value : bool

true to show the vehicle trail in 3D, false to hide it.

Show the vehicle trail?


public attribute Silhouette → (get,set)

value : bool

true to show the 3D model silhouette,
false to hide it.

Use a decorator to show the silhouette of the 3D model?

Defaults to false.


public attribute Spatial → (get)

value : ISpatialQuery

The spatial query object.

Returns the ISpatialQuery object of this vehicle.


public attribute Transform → (get)

value : VehicleTransform

The vehicle terrain transformation.

The ITerrainTransform object of the vehicle.


public attribute TripodColor → (get,set)

value : int64

The tripod triangle color.

Specifies the color to use for rendering a triangle for visualizing base points of the tripod helper that is used to align the vehicle with the ground.

Defaults to 0.