Release Notes

This page contains release notes and download instructions for the Tinman 3D SDK.

SDK packages can be browsed in the public download repository.

Access to the SDK packages is password protected.
Please read the the Terms and Conditions to gain access.

SDK library components are also available via NuGet.


These are the Tinman 3D SDK versions that are available for download.

If you are a new user, please download the RELEASE - V1.0 RC4.22 - 2024/05/08 version, unless you have specific reason to use the PREVIEW - V1.0 RC4.22 - 2024/05/08 version.

PREVIEW - V1.0 RC4.22 - 2024/05/08

This is the latest stable build of the Tinman 3D SDK.

Stable builds are published more frequently than official releases, providing the newest features and fixes. They do not contain all SDK parts, there is…​

  • no offline HTML documentation

  • no C++ version

  • no Source Code package collection

RELEASE - V1.0 RC4.22 - 2024/05/08

This is the latest official release of the Tinman 3D SDK.

Release packages contain all parts of the SDK.

An official release always comes with an equivalent stable build.

RELEASE - V1.0 RC3 - 2017/10/06

This is the previous official release of the Tinman 3D SDK.

API changes of the latest official release are are documented against this release.


The following page represents the changelog of the Tinman 3D SDK, up to the latest stable build (PREVIEW - V1.0 RC4.22 - 2024/05/08):

Changes regarding Reference - API and Reference - Scripting (i.e. added, removed, renamed, refactored items) between the previous release (RELEASE - V1.0 RC3 - 2017/10/06) and the latest stable build (PREVIEW - V1.0 RC4.22 - 2024/05/08) are documented here:

Change types
Breaking API / Scripting change

Existing code may need to be refactored to the new API with moderate effort. For example:

  • Use a different class model for an equivalent feature.

  • Use a factory method instead of a constructor.

  • Use a builder instead of a factory method.

Trivial API / Scripting change

Existing code may need to be adjusted slightly with trivial effort. For example:

  • Use a different identifier for a class, method or field.

  • Swap or re-order arguments of a method call.

No API / Scripting change

Existing code does not need to be updated. Binaries usually need to be recompiled.

Please contact if you run into problems or difficulties while adapting to API changes after updating to a newer Tinman 3D SDK version.

Version Numbering

The major version number increases if a breaking API change is introduced by a release.

The minor version number increases as long as API compatibility with the previous release is retained.

A release candidate version - tagged RC1 through RC9 - represents a milestone towards its target version. On NuGet, release candidates are published as Prerelease versions.

Breaking API changes may be introduced by preview releases and release candidates.
Trivial API changes may be introduced by any SDK release.


Before downloading and using the Tinman 3D SDK, please read and accept the Terms and Conditions. The Download Protection section explains how to access the password-protected downloads.

Please refer to Getting Started and Contact and Support for instructions on how to start using the Tinman 3D SDK and how to solve common problems.

The Demo Application streams geodata over the web and caches it locally. You can bulk download all geodata for offline use from the Geodata Examples page.

No 3rd-party input geodata for the Geodata Examples is included in the SDK download.Please refer to the linked 3rd party websites for information on how to obtain this data.

Preview (Web)

The Tinman 3D SDK preview packages may be downloaded using the links below.

Alternatively, the contained library components may also be referenced directly via NuGet, without having to download and extract a package archive manually. Please refer to Developer Guide / Hello World as an example for how to do this.

Please refer to the readme.txt file for additional information after downloading the packages.
Table 1. Preview package download links
URL Description

The Demo Application, packaged as a stand-alone C# application, including source code

.NET 4.8 binaries of these tools:
Code-X Processor, Geodata Processor, Licence Bakery, Workshop Application

.NET Standard 2.0 libraries of these tools:
Code-X Processor

Release (Web)

The Tinman 3D SDK release packages may be downloaded using the links below.

Please refer to the Getting Started page for additional information after downloading.
Table 2. Release packages
Filename Description

This is the primary SDK package.

This is the locked C# source code package.

This is the locked C++ source code package.

This is the unlocked C# source code package.

This is the unlocked C++ source code package.

Table 3. Release package download links
URL Version

Tinman 3D SDK RC4

Tinman 3D SDK RC3 + Hotfixes

Tinman 3D SDK RC2

Tinman 3D SDK RC1

Release (Git)

The Tinman 3D SDK release package may be accessed via Git.

The source code packages are not included in the Git repository. Please use the web downloads instead.

To clone the Tinman 3D SDK repository, run this:

git clone

The following branches are available:

Table 4. Release branches
Branch name Description


Tinman 3D SDK RC4


Tinman 3D SDK RC3 + Hotfixes


Tinman 3D SDK RC2


Tinman 3D SDK RC1

To checkout a specific branch, run this:

git checkout <branch-name> (1)
1 Replace <branch-name> with the branch name of your choice.

To download all updates, run this:

git pull --all