class Tinman.Engine.Scenes.SceneEntity

Default implementation of the ISceneEntity interface.

The ISceneObject.QueryDistance method uses ISpatialQuery.DistanceTo1 for the contained TerrainModel objects and ISceneObject.QueryDistance for the contained ISceneEntity objects.
The ISceneObject.QueryRay method generates ModelResult objects for the contained TerrainModel objects.

The default implementation of ISceneObject.CallbackMask returns SceneObjectCallback.UpdateFrametime.

Public / Constructors


public constructor SceneEntity → (1)

entityViewMask opt : int64 = ~0

The value for IEntityViewMask.EntityViewMask.

Creates a new instance of SceneEntity.

Public / Methods


public method MeshBoundAdd → (1)

meshBound in : IMeshBound

The mesh bound object to add.

Adds an aggregated IMeshBound to this scene entity.


public method MeshBoundRemove → (1)

meshBound in : IMeshBound

The mesh bound object to remove.

Removes the given aggregated IMeshBound from this scene entity.