abstract class Tinman.Engine.API.GLBaseWithDebug

Derived from

GLBase abstract

Extended by

GL sealed
GLES sealed
GLSC sealed

Abstract base class for NativeLibrary implementations that access a native GL-style API while providing access to a debug layer messages similar to OpenGL / OpenGLES.

Protected / Constructors


protected constructor GLBaseWithDebug → (2)

name in : string

Human-readable name for this native library.

context in : GLBase own

Optional GLBase object to use for retrieving function pointers.

Creates a new instance of GLBaseWithDebug.

Protected / Methods


protected abstract method DebugMessageFetch → (5)

buffer in : ByteBuffer

The output message buffer (NULL terminated ASCII strings).

length in : int32 [ ]

Output for length (in ASCII character, including terminating NULL) of each message in buffer in, having a capacity that is greater than or equal to DebugMessageLength.

severity in : int32 [ ]

Output for severity (see GL_DEBUG_SEVERITY_*) of each message in buffer in.

source in : int32 [ ]

Output for source (see GL_DEBUG_SOURCE_*) of each message in buffer in.

type in : int32 [ ]

Output for type (see GL_DEBUG_TYPE_*) of each message in buffer in.

returns → int32

The number of fetched debug messages.

Fetches debug messages.

The given arrays length in, severity in, source in and type in have the same non-zero length.


protected abstract method DebugMessageLength → ()

returns → int32

The maximum debug message length. Will be 0 if debug messages are unavailable.

Fetches the maximum debug message length.


protected abstract method DebugMessageLogger → ()

returns → ILogger

The logger to use.

Returns the ILogger object to use for reporting debug messages.