GUI component

The Animation GUI component can be used to control a scene animation.


The upper slider can be used to set the time index of the animation.

The lower slider can be used to fine-control the animation speed, relative the to the base animation speed, in the range -1 to +1 (in percent). Right-click on the slider to set relative speed to 0. Left-click on the slider label to set the relative speed to +1.

The choice selects the base animation speed, ranging from slow-motion 0.1 x to fast-motion 10 x.

The buttons can be used to control the animation. The text fields show the animation status.


The Play button starts or resumes the animation, using the current speed (which may be zero, see above).


The Pause button suspends the animation.


The Reset button stops and rewinds the animation.


The 100% button resets the base animation speed to 1 x and the relative animation speed to +1.


The Time field shows the current time index of the animation.


The Duration field shows the total duration of the animation.