interface Tinman.Terrain.Rendering.ITextureCacheDependent

Extended by

MapView sealed
Texturing sealed

Base interface for classes that depend on texel pyramid tiles that are cached on the GPU.

Public / Methods


public method SetTexture → (2)

textureAtlas in : TextureAtlas

The texture atlas to use or null if there is no GPU context.

pyramidId opt : int32 = 0

The texel pyramid ID to use (see TextureAtlas.PyramidIdAllocate). Defaults to 0.

Specifies the texture atlas and texel pyramid to use.

Public / Attributes


public attribute TextureCache → (get)

value : TextureAtlas

The used TextureCache object.

The TextureCache that is used.


public attribute TextureId → (get)

value : int32

The texel pyramid ID (see TextureAtlas.PyramidIdAllocate).

The texel pyramid that is used.