interface Tinman.Engine.Scenes.Data.IGeoPathSampleConverter
<TSource in val>
<TTarget out val>

Extended by

GeoPathSampleConverterBase abstract

Base interface for classes that perform conversions between geo path sample types.

Public / Methods


public method ConvertSample → (4)

sample in : TSource

The geo path sample to convert.

latitude in : float64

The converted latitude, in degrees.

longitude in : float64

The converted longitude, in degrees.

vertical in : float64

The converted height, in metres.

returns → TTarget

The converted geo path sample.

Converts the given geo path sample.

The given latitude in, longitude in and vertical in values are the result of transforming the source GeoPathValue.Latitude, GeoPathValue.Longitude and IGeoPathSampleTrait.Vertical from the source geodetic datum / vertical type to the target geodetic datum / vertical type.