interface Tinman.Core.Logging.ILogMessageSource

Base interface for classes that generate log messages.

Public / Methods


public method AddHandler → (1)

handler in : ILogMessageHandler own

The handler to add.

returns → ILogMessageSource


Adds a log message handler to this log message source.

If there already is a handler which makes the given one redundant (see ILogMessageHandler.IsRedundant), it will be discarded. If the given handler makes an existing one redundant, that one will be replaced.


public method ChangeVerbosity → (3)

verbosity in : LogVerbosity

The new log message verbosity.

descendants opt : bool = false

Also set all descendant log message sources to the given log message verbosity?

ancestors opt : bool = false

Set the log message verbosity of all ancestor log message sources to the given log message verbosity if less detailed?

Changes the log message verbosity of this log message source.


public method RemoveHandler → (1)

handler in : ILogMessageHandler

The handler to remove.

returns → ILogMessageSource


Removes the given log message handle from this log message source.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Verbosity → (get)

value : LogVerbosity

The log message verbosity.

Returns the log message verbosity that shall be emitted for this log message source.