abstract class Tinman.Core.Config.ConfiguratorObject
<T ref : IConfigurable>

Derived from

ConfiguratorBase<T> abstract

Extended by

WidgetConfig sealed

Abstract base class for IConfigurator implementations that configure reference-type objects.

Protected / Methods


protected virtual method DoToValue → (1)

instance in : T

The native object (will never be null).

returns → ConfigValue

The config value or null if this configurator cannot express instance in as a config value.

Converts the given native object to a config value.

This method will never be called for null references. Those will always be translated to ConfigValue.Null. If this method returns null, the IConfigurable.ToConfig method of the native object will be used instead.

The ConfigValue.Cache method must not be called on the returned value.

The default implementation returns null.


If an unexpected error has occurred while building the config value.