interface Tinman.Engine.Drawing.IPixelFontGlyphs

Derived from


Base interface for classes that provide glyph pixel images for fonts.

Public / Methods


public method Glyph → (1)

character in : char

The Unicode character for which to generate a glyph.

returns → ColorBuffer

The pixel image of the font glyph or null if character in is not defined by the font (see Glyphs).

Generates a pixel image for the given font glyph.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Glyphs → (get)

value : ISortedSetConst<char>

The Unicode glyphs that are defined by the font.

Returns the Unicode glyphs that are defined by the font.

For all characters not contained in the returned set, the Glyph method must return null. For each character that is contained, the method should return a ColorBuffer object, which should contain non-empty pixel content.