static class Tinman.Demo.Examples.Example_GeoPath

Full source code is included in the Tinman 3D SDK download.

This example shows how to perform common tasks with IGeoPathBase objects.

Public / Methods


public static method ConvertPath → (2)

groundPath in : IGeoPath<GroundPathSample>

The ground path.

geocentric in : Geocentric

The Geocentric object to use for converting vertical coordinates.

returns → IGeoPath<GeoPathSample>

The converted geo path.

Converts a ground path (that uses height above ground) to a geo path (which uses ellipsoid height).


public static method CreateGroundTrackModel → (2)

path in : IGeoPathBase

The geo path.

geocentric in : Geocentric

The geocentric frame to use.

returns → TerrainModel

The terrain model.

Creates a TerrainModel for the given geo path.


public static method CreateSpiralingGroundPath → (6)

center in : LatLon

The geographic coordinate of the spiral center.

radiusA opt : float64 = 0

The radius of the spiral at the start point, in metres.

radiusB opt : float64 = 100

The radius of the spiral at the end point, in metres.

heightA opt : float64 = 0

The GeoPathSample.Height at the start point, in metres.

heightB opt : float64 = 100

The GeoPathSample.Height at the end point, in metres.

winding opt : float64 = 10

The winding count of the spiral, in full circles.

returns → IGeoPath<GroundPathSample>

The created IGeoPath.

Creates a IGeoPath from a sequence of GroundPathSample values that are produced by code (a procedurally generated spiral).


public static method LoadGroundPath → (2)

name in : string

File name of the *.csv geo path file in the Engine:/Data/3drParty/ directory.

height opt : float64 = 1

The constant value to use for GroundPathSample.Height.

returns → IGeoPath<GroundPathSample>

The loaded geo path.

Loads a ground path from the given CSV file.


If an I/O error has occurred.