abstract class Tinman.Engine.Scenes.Util.PathTransform
<T val : IEquatable<T>>

Derived from

TerrainTransform abstract

Extended by

GeoPathTransform sealed
GroundPathTransform sealed

Abstract base class for ITerrainTransform implementations that use a sample of a IGeoPath to compute the transformation.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Orientation → (get)

value : YawPitchRollTransform

The aggregated transform.

The aggregated YawPitchRollTransform.

The GeoPathTransform will set the following properties:


public attribute Position → (get)

value : LocalTransform

The aggregated transform.

The aggregated LocalTransform.

The GeoPathTransform will set the following properties:


public attribute Sample → (get,set)

value : T

The geo path sample.

The geo path sample to use for creating the transformation.

Protected / Constructors


protected constructor PathTransform → (1)

position opt : LocalTransform = null

The LocalTransform object to use or null to create a new one.

Creates a new instance of PathTransform.

Protected / Methods


protected abstract method UpdateTransforms → (3)

sample in : T

The current geo path sample.

position in : LocalTransform

The position transform, see Position.

orientation in : YawPitchRollTransform

The orientation transform, see Orientation.

Updates the transformation.