sealed class Tinman.Terrain.Georef.CoordinateSystemWkt

Helper class for importing Well-Known Text (WKT) geo-references.

This class consumes WKT content that conforms to one of the following specifications:

  1. OpenGISĀ® Implementation Specification
    Coordinate Transformation Services
    Chapter "7 Well-Known Text format"

  2. Geographic information
    Well-known text representation of coordinate reference systems
    Version 2.0.6 / 18-010r7

The parsed geo-reference data can be queried with Datum and Result.

Public / Methods


public method ReverseLookup → (1)

geoObject in : IGeoObject

The IGeoObject instance that has been built by this class, i.e. Datum, Result or any aggregated geo object.

returns → GeoObjectId

The parsed geo object identifier or null if there is none or if geoObject in is null.

Returns the GeoObjectId object that has been parsed for the given IGeoObject instance.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Datum → (get)

value : DatumOperation

The parsed datum operation or null if not present.

The parsed datum operation.

If Result is not null, then the DatumOperation.Source and DatumOperation.Target properties of the returned DatumOperation will always be equal to Result and CoordinateSystem.WGS84, respectively.


public attribute Result → (get)

value : CoordinateSystem

The parsed coordinate system or null if not present.

The parsed coordinate system.