sealed class Tinman.Engine.Components.TerrainBuffer

The TerrainBuffer component is used as a shared buffer by zero or more TerrainMesh components.

TerrainBuffer objects act as resource handles and produce TerrainBufferResource resource objects.

Public / Constructors


public constructor TerrainBuffer → (2)

cache in : PyramidFileCache own

The pyramid file cache or null.

options in : TerrainBufferOptions

The terrain buffer options.

Creates a new instance of TerrainBuffer.

The TerrainBufferOptions.CacheOptions and TerrainBufferOptions.CachePath properties are ignored by this method. Use TerrainBufferOptions.CreateTerrainBuffer if you want these to be taken into account.

Public / Methods


public method ClearCache → ()

Clears the terrain buffer caches.

The texel pyramid cache (see Cache) is cleared with PyramidFileCache.Clear and the cache of each TextureAtlas object is cleared with TextureAtlas.Clear.


If an I/O error has occurred.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Cache → (get)

value : PyramidFileCache

The cache.

The wrapped PyramidFileCache object.


public attribute Flags → (get)

value : TerrainBufferFlags

The terrain buffer flags.

Returns the flags that have been used to create this terrain buffer.


public attribute MeshBuffer → (get)

value : MeshBuffer

The mesh buffer.

The wrapped MeshBuffer object.


public attribute VertexLayout → (get)

value : VertexElements

The vertex buffer layout.

The layout of the shared vertex buffer.

The layout always uses the following VertexElementUsage semantics, in the given order: