enum Tinman.Engine.Models.ModelFlags

Enumeration of flags for IModel objects for describe semantic aspects.

Public / Constants


public constant None → (0:int32)

No model flags.


public constant Group → (1:int32)

The model represents a group of models, for example variations of the same object.

A IModel with the Group flag is ignored during rendering. The application is supposed to select a child of a group model.


public constant NoSpatialQuery → (2:int32)

The model and its descendants will not be included in spatial queries.

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public constant ComplexGeometry → (4:int32)

The geometry of the model parts is very complex.

Computing IModelCollider objects for very complex geometry is typically very heavy on CPU usage, RAM consumption and processing time. Specifying this flag acts as a hint to the ModelFormat.WriteModel method of ModelFormat objects, which may decide to include additional pre-computed data in the model file (for example octrees or other spatial acceleration structures).

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public constant Terrain → (8:int32)

The geometry of the model parts represents the terrain surface.

This flag can be used to distinguish between surface and other geometry. While the latter is rendered on top of the terrain, the former may be used to adjust the terrain mesh, for example by ray-casting.


public constant All → (15:int32)

All model flags.