sealed class Tinman.Engine.Rendering.Util.MipmapLevelTexture

Helper class for generating textures that can be used to determine the mipmap level that is sampled by the GPU.

Each mipmap level of the texture is made up of a uniform color. When the mipmap levels are sampled by the GPU, the resulting blend color can be used to indicate the mipmap level.

Public / Constructors


public constructor MipmapLevelTexture → (1)

size in : int32

The texture size.

Creates a new instance of MipmapLevelTexture.

The default color of each mipmap level is Colors.White.

Public / Methods


public method CreateTexture → (1)

factory in : ITextureFactory

The texture factory to use.

returns → ITexture2D

The texture resource.

Creates a new texture resource based on this MipmapLevelTexture object.


If a graphics subsystem error has occurred.


public method SetLevelColor → (2)

level in : int32

The level color.

color in : int64

The mipmap level color (see Colors).

Specifies the uniform color for the given mipmap level.

The default mipmap level color is Colors.White.

Public / Attributes


public attribute LevelCount → (get)

value : int32

The number of mipmap levels.

Returns the number of mipmap levels.