sealed class Tinman.Terrain.Meshing.HorizonCulling

The HorizonCulling class traverses the filtered mesh (see IMeshFilters.FilterIn), performs a visibility tests for each mesh sector with the horizon outline and culls away all sectors that are below of it (see MeshTree.SectorCull).

Starting with the mesh sectors nearest to the camera position, a horizon outline is built. All mesh sectors that do not alter the horizon (i.e. those that are occluded by others) will be culled away (see MeshTree.SectorCull).

The following vertex data semantics are used by this class:

Public / Constructors


public constructor HorizonCulling → ()

Creates a new instance of HorizonCulling.

Public / Attributes


public attribute FilterIn → (get,set)

value : MeshTreeFilter

The filter or null.

The mesh tree input filter to use for querying sector culling and marks.

The default value is null (i.e. all mesh sectors are visited).