interface Tinman.Engine.Components.ICameraSpeed

Extended by

CameraFree sealed
TerrainViewWidget sealed

Base interface for components that allow to configure the camera speed.

Public / Attributes


public attribute CameraSpeed → (get,set)

value : Vec2D

The camera speed coefficients (see remarks).

The camera speed.

Vec2D.X depicts the movement speed at ground-level, in terrain-space units per second.
Vec2D.Y defines the power by which the relative distance-to-ground is raised, before multiplying it with the speed at ground-level.
For example:
(10|0.5) will move at 10 terrain-space units per second when at ground-level, i.e. when the distance-to-ground is minimal (see MeshCameraWorld.MinimumDistance). At a distance of twice the minimum, the ground-level speed will be multiplied by 2^0.5 ~= 1.41.

Defaults to (1|0.8).