sealed class Tinman.Core.Xml.XmlLiteral

Derived from

XmlNode abstract

Represents a string literal in an XML document:

"Hello   World!"
'Hello   World!'

Public / Constructors


public static method For → (1)

value in : string

The string value.

returns → XmlLiteral

The XmlLiteral instance.

Returns a XmlLiteral instance for the given value in.


public static method FromSource → (1)

xml in : string

The XML literal to parse.

returns → XmlLiteral

The parsed XmlLiteral.

Parses the given XML literal and returns an XmlLiteral object for it.


If xml in is malformed.


2 overloads

public constructor XmlLiteral1 → (1)

capacity opt : int32 = 12

The initial capacity of Content.

Creates a new instance of XmlLiteral.

public constructor XmlLiteral2 → (1)

content in : IBagConst<XmlNode>

The value node list or null for an empty list. See Content. All non-value nodes will be ignored (see XmlNode.IsLiteralContent).

Creates a new instance of XmlLiteral.

Public / Methods


public method Add → (1)

node in : XmlNode

The node to add. May be one of the following (will be ignored otherwise): XmlChar, XmlEntity, XmlText.

returns → XmlLiteral


Adds the given node to this string literal.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Content → (get)

value : IVectorConst<XmlNode>

The list of XML nodes that represent the string literal.

Returns the content nodes of this literal, see XmlNode.IsLiteralContent.