interface Tinman.Engine.Models.IModelPart

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ModelPart sealed

Describes a visual part of a model by providing all data that is required to render it.

Public / Methods


public method Merge → (1)

part in : IModelPart

The model part to merge with.

returns → IModelPart

The merged model part or null iff the model parts cannot be merged.

Tries to merge this model part with the given one.

Model parts may be merged iff the primitive batch can be merged (see PrimitiveBatch.Merge) and all part properties are equal.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Batch → (get)

value : PrimitiveBatch

The primitive batch or PrimitiveBatch.None.

The primitive batch of this model in the geometry buffer.

Defaults to PrimitiveBatch.None.


public attribute Flags → (get)

value : ModelPartFlags

The model part flags.

The behaviour flags of this model part.

Defaults to ModelPartFlags.None.


public attribute Geometry → (get)

value : IModelGeometry

The geometry of the model part or null if none.

The geometry of this model.

IModelGeometry objects may be shared between model parts.

Defaults to null.

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public attribute Layer → (get)

value : int32

The surface layer offset, will be clamped to [-500..500].

The surface layer offset of this model part.

To avoid Z-fighting of coplanar surfaces, layer offsets may be used to decrease the depth value of samples during rendering.

Defaults to 0.


public attribute Material → (get)

value : IMaterial

The material or null if none.

The material of this model.

IModelGeometry objects may be shared between model parts.

If null, a material with default values will be used for rendering.

Defaults to null.